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Odisha tribal tour trail will help you explore the most beautiful part of the State, which will be worth your visit! Witness the part that is still untouched despite advancement of science and technology. Mesmerize yourself in a life much different from the hustle bustle of monotonous city life! Out of the tribal population existing in India, Odisha is home to Birhor, Bondo Paraja, Didayi, Dongria Khond, Juang, Kharia, Kutia Khond, Lanjia Soura, Lodha, Mankidia, Paudi Bhuyan and Soura.Also known as the ‘adivasis’ these tribes constitute near about 22.01% of the total population of the State. These tribes also comprise of 9.7% of the total tribal population of the country.Out of all the tribes found in Odisha, Kondh (or locally known as Kandha) form the largest population in the State. They live in the Kandhamal district and in adjoining districts of Rayagada, Koraput, Boudh and Balangir.The next abundant population is that of Santals. They live in Mayurbhanj district. They have a distinct lifestyle much different from other tribes which is worth to witness.The third populated tribe population is that of Saura followed by Bonda. Near about 30000 Saura tribes inhabit the districts of Ganjam.The Bondas is one of the least populated tribes. They comprise of only 5000 people and are majorly found in the inaccessible Malkangiri district. The tribes have a common thread in their celebration and sociology -economic activities. Be it their rural living, traditional way of economy or even the rituals, beliefs and practices they have maintained their rich culture and traditions. Witness these exotic tribal population of Odisha and explore the unraveled mystery of everything they own and the way they live. Learn more about their work type, markets, source of income, arts, artifacts and handicrafts.


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